Depending on the complexity of your model, assigning materials to objects could be an easy or complex task. We suggest two methods to manage material assignments: 

  1. Assign material in Rhino (generally recommended) if your model is average or highly complex. Rhino has a very sophisticated selection and assignment system: by object, by color, by layer, etc.

  2. Assign material in Unreal if your CAD model is very simple. This option is more direct and quick if your CAD model comprises a limited number of distinct objects and materials.

METHOD 1: Assign materials in Rhino (recommended)

  1. Create one or more dummy materials in Rhino
  2. Assign the materials to objects in Rhino (you can assign by single object, by color, or by layer)
  3. In Unreal, open the material table from the Mindesk button drop menu
  4. From the Material Table override Rhino materials


We generally recommend this method because it works for more complex Rhino models and is more flexible. For example, it is easier to port the material assignment when the project is linked to another Unreal scene.

Pro trick:

  1. In the Unreal content browser, right-click on a material, then click 'Copy Reference'
  2. In Rhino, create a dummy custom material and paste the Reference in the name filed
  3. Assign the materials to objects in Rhino (you can assign by single object, by color, or by layer)
  4. Unreal will automatically fill the material table and associate each Rhino material with the corresponding Unreal material which it was named after


note: when a material is changed in Rhino it will update the Unreal twin automatically while the link is active.

note: if you delete a material in Rhino, it will disappear from the Unreal material table and those objects who were coupled with said material will switch back to the Unreal default material.

METHOD 2: Assign materials in Unreal

For simpler models, the easiest way to assign materials is directly in Unreal. There are two ways to assign materials in Unreal:

  1. Drag and drop materials onto linked objects in the scene
  2. Select a linked object (a child of the Mindesk Root Actor), then change the assigned material from the 'Details' panel
  3. If multiple linked objects are selected, drag and drop a material on the green box in the 'Details' panel called 'Assign Material to all selected Objects' in the 'Mindesk Materials' section