What is the Root Actor?

Mindesk Root Actor is the parent that contains all linked CAD objects during a Live Link session. The Root Actor appears in Unreal World Outliner when a Live Link session starts and destroyed the moment the session ends. 

Things you can do with the Root Actor

  • Select the Root Actor to place, scale or orient the whole linked CAD model inside your Unreal scene. Often Rhino models are represented on another scale, in this case, scaling the root actor help to correctly place the CAD model in the Unreal context. Just remember to click the lock icon (make it closed) to preserve a uniform scale in the XYZ directions 
  • Each object from the source CAD is a child actor inside the Root Actor. You can select individual objects from this list to direct assign materials
  • Right-click the Root Actor -> 'Select' -> 'Select Immediate Children' (CTRL+ALT+D) to assign a material to all linked CAD objects
  • Click the eye icon on the left to show/hide all the linked CAD objects or individual child objects