Once you have launched a VR session, you can use your VR controllers to interact with the CAD/BIM model and the tool palette. To learn more about the controller buttons mapping, please check this article.

Immersive VR design review tools, Revit case study

Let's consider an architectural design review case on a shared BIM model. You can open the tool palette using the button on the left controller to unveil the main tools available:

Using the right controller, you can point and click (right trigger) on a tool:

  • None: just idle
  • Select: Laser point and right trigger to select an object. The selection is propagated to the source CAD/BIM
  • Screenshot: Left trigger to snap a picture. The picture will include what you see at the snap and will be stored in your local image folder.
  • Inquire: Like select, laser point and right trigger to select an object. Metadata will be printed on the tool palette.
  • Ruler: Right trigger to set a first and second point. The tool will show the distance between points and its X, Y, and Z components.
  • 3D Pen: Right trigger to draw a 3D sketch in middle air or to project a 2D sketch on a surface. More 3D pen tool details in the section below.

  • Lock scale: Check this box to lock the current scale
  • Microphone / Speaker: Check this box to toggle Mic and speaker ON/OFF during a multiuser session

In particular, the 3D Pen tool allows to make 3D and surface sketches in the scene. The sketches information is stored in your Revit model for future use when the Revit model is saved.

The 3D Pen too palette includes the following options:

  • Sketch color picker
  • Eraser tool: select this tool and use the right trigger to delete sketches in the proximity of the right pointer
  • Draw on surface: will draw lines on the surfaces that are hit by the right laser pointer
  • Delete all: delete all the sketches in the scene, including the ones made by guest users