Let's get familiar with the Mutliuser page in Mindesk Studio:

Launch sequence of a cloud multi-user VR session with Autodesk Revit

This sequence is provisional in Mindesk Suite 2022.0 and will be simplified in upcoming updates

  1. Execute Mindesk Studio
  2. If you are not already, log in and select an active license
  3. (if you are the HOST) In the Multiuser page, in "My Room" click the button to create your room, then share the link to your guests (i.e. via email or chat app) 
    (if you are the GUEST) In the Multiuser page, in "Remote Room"  paste your host's room link and click the button to join the remote room 

    If you are the GUEST, you are done.

    If you are the HOST, or otherwise the BIM model owner, you need to follow the additional steps below:

  4. Execute Autodesk Revit and open a Revit file
  5. From the Revit ribbon, in the "Mindesk" section, click "Tools"

  6. In the right section "Viewer VR", select "Cloud" in the Server type dropdown menu and paste your host's room link in the "Address" field, click OK.
    Note: most users don't need to edit other settings (i.e. Port)
  7. From the Revit ribbon, in the "Mindesk" section, click "Link VR"
  8. Choose your preferred view from the dialog box, this will affect what element of your BIM model will be showed in VR
  9. Click "Link", Mindesk will start to sync your BIM model and after a few seconds, all the guests in the remote room will be able to see the model