Share your work and collaborate with remote team mates

The general concept behind Mindesk Multi User platform is to provide a shared virtual workspace where you and your team mates can collaborate on tasks like i.e. a 3D design review or just a presentation.

Directly from the CAD or BIM software, the Room Owner launches a Live Link session. Mindesk syncs the 3D content from the CAD source with the owner's room (My Room) and make this content available to all Guest Users, who can visualize and edit it in real time. Mindesk bi-directional live link makes sure that all edits are propagated back to the source CAD as well as other guests, and vice versa.

All guests in a shared room including the owner can see each other's VR avatar, nickname, and listen to each other's voice (more info about sound control below).

Launch a Multi User VR session on the cloud by sharing your room

You can sync your CAD data in your own room, or join someone else's room from the Session Manager:

  1. Open a CAD / BIM project you want to share
  2. Click the Mindesk "Link" button on the main CAD UI
  3. As target select "Mindesk Studio"
  4. As Party select "Multi User", this will unveil some additional settings
  5. You can copy "My room address" and share it with your team mates so they can join 
  6. "Join my room" and "Start local target" usually needs to be checked. In some cases, you might want to link the CAD only without joining the session from that PC. 
  7. Select your output Device (usually your VR headset)
  8. Click "Start". Mindesk will sync your CAD / BIM model and after a few seconds, all the guests in the remote room will be able to see and interact with your 3D project.

Join someone else's room

If you have received a Mindesk Room Link, you can join someone else's room as a Guest User and participate a shared session with the procedure below.

PRO TIP: If you paste the Mindesk Room Link in your browser's research bar and hit Enter, it will automatically open Mindesk Studio and let you enter the Room.

  1. Launch the Mindesk Studio (you can use the Mindesk Session Manager icon in the bottom right corner of your desktop bar)
  2. Go to the Multiuser tab
  3. Paste the Mindesk Room address in the "Remote Room" section
  4. Click "Join Remote Room"

Multi User settings

In Mindesk Studio, from the lateral ribbon, you can access the "Multiuser" tab where you can manage many aspects of your room and overall multi user experience:

My Room: Create or Leave your room. Your room is the virtual place where you can host your guests for a multi user remote session. Once created, use the button on the right side to copy and share your room link to other guests. Your room will self destroy at the end of the session.

Remote Room: Paste here a room link from another host to join their session.

User appearance: Here you can customize your nickname that will float above your avatar’s head during a multi-user session. Customization includes color.

Microphone and Speaker: Turn Mic and Speaker on and off. Select audio device and adjust volume. If these settings are not effective, please check your operating system (Windows) and VR framework audio options (i.e. Windows Mixed Reality, Oculus, or Steam).