1. Go to mindeskvr.com, click "Register" and fill the form to create your free Mindesk account.
    - Note: the Mindesk account is required to run Mindesk.
    - Note: you currently don't need to verify your email address

  2. Go to mindeskvr.com/download and click "Download" to get the desired version.
    - Note: Mindesk Suite 2022 is currently listed under the "Preview Channel", the green one.

  3. Still in mindeskvr.com/download click "Get Trial" (or go to https://dashboard.mindeskvr.com/trial) and fill the form to associate a free 15 days trial license to your account.

  4. Execute the downloaded package and follow the instructions to install the desired modules on your machine. Most users won't need to change the default settings.

  5. Congratulations! You are all set up. Upon your first Mindesk Session, the system will ask you to input your Mindesk Username (your account email) and password. The software will download available license options from your account from the cloud.

Tips: If you are an Enterprise client willing to install Mindesk in "Offline Mode" so that an internet connection in not required to run it, please contact us.