Tool Palette

The Tool Palette is your main interface while in VR. It sticks to your left controller and can be summoned clicking the pad or stick button on your left controller.

Tool PaletteLayer Explorer

Below, a break down of the tools and settings available in each section.

'Tools' tab

This tab is the main section of the Tool Palette and contains all the tools you will need during a design review session. 

More info available about each tool in this article about VR Design Review tools.

The top bar contains some quick buttons:

  • Toggle Desktop Mirror: Turns the desktop mirror on and off. While active, a floating panel will display the content of your desktop. Useful to control your windows applications (i.e. the CAD or BIM source) without taking off your headset.

  • Go to Home: Reset your position to its initial state.

  • Dock Tool Palette: Dock the tool palette in a fixed point in space.

  • Close Tool Palette

'Layers' tab

The Layer tab lists the layers available in your project. If layers have sub-layers you can explore them with the + button. On the right side of each layer name, click the related icons to hide or freeze (non selectable) said layer.

'Settings' tab

  • Tooltips: Tooltips are notes that you can attach to BIM objects (fill the related parameter using the "Inquire" tool). Use this switch to toggle them on and off.

  • Autosize: Makes the tooltip size relative to your visualization scale. Use it to improve readability.

  • Tooltips inside objects: Use this tool to improve Tooltips readability in certain situations.

  • Scale lock: Forbit visualization scale change by grabbing the side buttons of your controllers. Useful i.e. to lock 1:1 scale during presentations and walkthrough.

  • Microphone and Speaker: Turn these devices on and off during a multiuser session.