Hardware Requirements


Intel Core i7 or better

NVIDIA RTX 2070 or better (RTX 3070 is recommended)

Mindesk runs on Microsoft DirectX 12, thus you will need a DX12-ready graphic card. Find a list of more DX12 NVidia cards here 


16 GB RAM or more


HDMI 1.4, DisplayPort 1.2 or newer


1x USB 3.0 (HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality devices)

1x USB 3.0 (Meta Quest Link)

Windows 10 or superior

Software Requirements

  • Windows 10 or above (be sure that both OS and graphics drivers are up to date

For AR / VR / XR CAD design reviews:

  • SteamVR, Windows Mixed Reality Portal, OpenXR, or Meta Quest runtime (usually provided by your headset manufacturer)
  • At least one among supported CAD software: Autodesk Revit (2021+), McNeel Rhinoceros 7, Grasshopper, Dassault Solidworks 2021+

For photorealistic CAD viz in Unreal Engine:

  • Unreal Engine 5.1+

Supported AR / VR / XR headsets

To use Mindesk VR CAD interface, you will need a PC-based headset with two 6 degree-of-freedom controllers. Mindesk currently supports HTC Vive / Vive Pro / Cosmos; Oculus Rift S / Oculus Quest 2 via Oculus Link; Windows Mixed Reality devices including Asus / Acer / Dell / HP / Lenovo / Samsung / etc... ; Varjo VR1 / VR2 / XR1; and the Logitech VR Ink.